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    There's something for everyone at BHS!  Take a look at our list of clubs below. If you'd like to join one, attend our Club Rush at lunch each fall or contact the advisor (whose name can be found next to each club's name)!  Listen to the Daily Bulletin or watch BNN for information about meeting dates and club events!  Don't see a club for your interest? Find an advisor and see Ms. Wright to find out how to start a club!

    Are you a club advisor or member who would like to to have your own page on our website?  Or to have some of your content placed on our website?  Contact Ms. Padilla at Lisa_Padilla@cjusd.net to get started!


    BHS Clubs

    Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)

    Mr. Brown

    Associated Student Body (ASB) Leadership

    Ms. Wright

    AP Angels

    Ms. Padilla


    Mr. V. Torres

    Barbell Club

    Mr. Brenner


    Mr. Contreras

    Best Buddies

    Ms. Galvez/Mr. Aiyeloja

    Black Student Union (BSU)

    Ms. Carter

    Bloomington Theatre Club (BTC)

    Ms. K. Martinez

    Boys’ Basketball

    Mr. Aubry

    Boys’ Soccer

    Mr. Howard

    Bruin News Network (BNN)/Video Productions

    Ms. Urquizu

    California Scholarship Federation (CSF)

    Ms. Guzman


    Mr. Duckworth

    Class of 2021

    Needs Advisor-Contact Ms. Wright

    Class of 2022

    Needs Advisor - Contact Ms. Wright

    Class of 2023

    Needs Advisor - Contact Ms. Wright

    Class of 2024

    Needs Advisor - Contact Ms. Wright


    Mr. Howard

    Cross Country

    Ms. Aguilera

    Environmental Club

    Ms. E. Sida


    Mr. Cronkite

    French Club

    Ms. Crozier

    Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)

    Ms. Vasquez

    German Club

    Ms. Pahner

    Girls’ Basketball

    Ms. Jackson

    Girls’ Soccer

    Ms. Quiroz

    Girls’ Volleyball

    Ms. Ramirez


    Ms. Desrochers

    Key Club

    Mr. Zupanic

    Kiln Club/Ceramics

    Mr. Jefchak

    Latino Culture Club

    Mr. Rojas

    Link Crew

    Mr. Sutherland

    Literature Club

    Mr. Guiles

    Marine Biology Club

    Dr. Okonkwo

    National Honor Society (NHS)

    Ms. Meyer, Ms. Nakatani


    Mr. Aguillon


    Ms. Barraza

    Polynesian Club

    Ms. Miller


    Mr. Ward, Mr. Gill

    Spanish Club

    Ms. Herrera

    Spirit Squad

    Ms. Wright, Ms. Barela

    Swimming Club

    Ms. Ritzi


    Ms. Aguilera


    Ms. Carter

    Virtual Enterprise

    Ms. Buckles


    Mr. Schaefer


    Ms. Desrochers