Tina Petersen Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services  |  Nancy Fierro, Executive Assistant

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Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is the Local Control and Accountability Plan?
    A: The Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) is a locally-minded educational plan designed to meet the unique needs of all students so that we can better ensure their success in the future. It will identify goals, specific actions to carry out those goals, and the resources required to support the specific actions.

    Q: Does this plan affect all students or does it apply only to certain groups?
    A: Our Local Control and Accountability Plan will help all students to succeed. That being said, we have been tasked with focusing our efforts on academically-needy students to ensure that every student has an equal opportunity to be successful.

    Q: How does the Local Control and Accountability Plan differ from what we have now?
    A: In the past, local districts had little local control over their educational programs. Because every dollar was controlled by the state, we ended up with a "one size fits all" program. But, we know that communities throughout the state are unique and have unique needs. This new plan will help us to address those.

    Q: How is this plan being developed?
    A: We are starting the process now by seeking community input. We encourage everyone to participate by sharing your vision. What do you think will help all students be successful? Let us know! You can attend a community meeting, or submit your idea here on this website. This crucial community input will be used by the steering committee when drafting the Local Control and Accountability Plan. The public will have another opportunity to review the completed plan in the spring.

    Q: How will we pay for this new plan?
    A: We will continue to receive funding from the state. The difference is that local school districts such as ours have more flexibility in how we spend our dollars so that we can have the greatest positive impact on student success. A key element of the plan is the identification of resources with the plan and alignment of those resources to the goals established.

    Q: Does the flexibility of the LCAP mean there is no more state oversight of the educational program?
    A: No. While we will have more flexibility in creating programs that best fit our students' needs, we are still accountable for ensuring that we meet the priorities set by the state as well. The state has outlined eight priorities for school districts. These include: Student achievement; student engagement; positive school climate; provision of basic services; implementation of the Common Core Standards; course access; parental involvement and other positive student outcomes.

    Q: How can I ensure the district prioritizes programs that are important to me and my child?
    A: While the Board of Education will have to look at what is best for all students, the most important way to have your voice heard is to share your ideas with us at a community meeting or on this website.

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