• What is PAPER?

    PAPER is a free, unlimited tutoring service available to students in grades 3-12. It is available 24 hours, seven days a week in English and Spanish. Students can log in with the icon in ClassLink to access online tutoring in more than 200 subjects, including writing feedback.

    How do students access PAPER?

    Students can access PAPER through ClassLink. Students can learn how to use Paper here.

    How do students use PAPER's writing feedback?

    Simply upload the the written work that you would like reviewed and you will receive feedback within 24 hours.

    Who are the tutors?

    From elementary English to AP physics, PAPER’s tutors help every student in exactly the way they need. Tutors speak English, Spanish, Mandarin and French. Each exceptional specialist is a carefully selected, rigorously trained employee — not a contractor. Tutor managers are trained in SafeTalk, go through background checks, and are carefully vetted.

Last Modified on October 11, 2021