• Superintendent Responses to LCAP Questions

    The following are comments, questions, and responses from the Superintendent to parent questions regarding the LCAP Plan from the LCAP, DPAC, DELAC, and AAPAC Parent Committees in CJUSD.



    Are schools aware of what is being done, like mental health resources and how to properly refer parents and students to the mental health personnel?

    Yes, counselors, administrators and teachers are aware of the mental health resources available to them and how to access these resources.  

    How are we making sure staff is well and what is being done about behavior because teachers are frustrated with what they need to do in the classroom?

    As a mandatory requirement of AB 2246, all CJUSD sites are trained on the topic of suicide prevention.  During this mandatory training, all staff are informed of CJUSDs Mental Health Program Services, and are made aware of how to access mental health resources. The Director of Student Services meets with each school site to review their PBIS implementation and to create a plan for sites to improve their implementation of PBIS across all 3 tiers.  Additional PBIS training was offered to teachers and classified staff this year to  enhance their understanding of PBIS, Restorative Practices, and classroom interventions.  School sites are working on their Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions for students needing additional assistance in meeting classroom and behavior expectations.  

    Do all schools receive the same amount of money?

    No. Site allocation is based on student enrollment and free and reduced lunch count amounts.

    Are these the same goals as last year?


    What are we doing for students in the middle?

    Elementary sites review I-Ready and DIBLS data and secondary sites review MAPS data to monitor the growth of students.  The goal is to increase student achievement for all students, and school sites develop School Plans for Student Achievement so that all students can achieve at high levels.