• Superintendent Responses to LCAP Questions

    The following are comments, questions, and responses from the Superintendent to parent questions regarding the LCAP Plan from the LCAP, DPAC, DELAC, and AAPAC Parent Committees in CJUSD.


    Q:  We would like to see more Spanish Speaking personnel


    A:  We have several Spanish Speaking personnel positions in the LCAP with translators, Community Liaisons, Language Support Services staff, and Language Assessment Center Staff.  In addition, stipends are provided to EL Site Leads at each campus, stipends for designated staff members who speak Spanish, and we increased the number of bilingual instructional aides in the classroom for 2022-23.


    Q:  We would like to see more equipment and materials for Science, not just textbooks and reading materials, more hands on materials.


    A:  For the past 5 years the LCAP has provided $200,000 in the LCAP to split between sites to provide Science materials to all school sites.  It is also part of the 2022-23 LCAP.


    Q:  How can we make sure all sites are given the proper Science materials?


    A:  Contact the principal at the site to ask how the LCAP Science funds have been used by the site.


    Q:  Reading Con did not take place this year.  Is it possible to bring that back in 2022-23?


    A: We will be reviewing all District wide events this summer to determine what events will take place in 2022-23.


    Q:  In the LCAP 18 instructional aides are specific to TK, how will you determine where the other aides go?


    A: The other instructional aides in the LCAP will be allotted to one per site for all sites.  In addition, Special Education instructional aides are determined based on need.


    Q:  Is the social emotional support received by students during the year also available to teachers and other staff?


    A:  Yes, staff have access to the same resources and also have additional resources provided in their health benefits.


    Q: We see social media posts and jobs listed in the Plan for needing employees, how does someone apply for these positions?


    A:  You can find open positions on the CJUSD website under the Employment tab or by clicking on this link:  https://www.edjoin.org/colton