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Graphic Design

DESCRIPTION: Graphic Art Design 1

This one-year introductory level graphic design will require students express themselves creatively through digital media applications. They will learn the basic language and elements of art techniques to create interactive products to educate, inform, and entertain. This course will enable students to understand and appreciate artistic expression, while they study the impact of multimedia on society from a social and economic viewpoint. Art history, graphic design, and higher-level graphical concepts will be studied and applied. This course offers intensive hands on production through project-based assignments. Students will meet Visual Art, Common Core State Writing Standards, and Art, Media, and Entertainment CTE standards while encouraging students to become creative and thoughtful practitioners in the world of computer media.


Graphic Design has been UC a-g approved to meet the elective (“f” - Fine Arts) requirement.


  1. Pre-requisite: None
  2. Length: One year
  3. Sector: Arts, Media, and Entertainment
  4. Pathway: Design, Visual, and Media Arts