(Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports)

  • What is PBIS?

    Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a proactive approach to establishing the behavioral supports and social culture needed for all students in a school to achieve social, emotional and academic success. Attention is focused on creating and sustaining primary (school-wide), secondary (classroom), and tertiary (individual) systems of support for all students.


    PBIS IS NOT a packaged curriculum, scripted intervention, or manualized strategy.

    PBIS IS a prevention-oriented way for school personnel to:

    (a) organize evidence-based practices

    (b) improve their implementation of those practices

    (c) maximize academic and social behavior outcomes for students. PBIS supports the success of ALL students.


    PBIS Tier I

    Behavioral Expectations

    Tier 1 supports of positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) consists of rules, routines, and physical arrangements that are developed and taught by school staff to prevent initial occurrences of behavior the school would like to target for change.

    Labeling Appropriate Behavior in Actions

    The school team would then builds a matrix (graph) listing the behavioral expectations in various areas of campus.

    Teaching Appropriate Behavioral Actions

    The building leadership team would then decide how they were going to teach these behaviors to the students.

    Observing and Praising Appropriate Behavioral Actions

    Teachers catch students doing positive behaviors and reward them with a Titan Ticket in the areas of Generosity, Respect, Excellence, Accountability, and Teamwork.  Titan Tickets are chosen at random each week and students are awarded prizes.


    PBIS Tier II

    Check In, Check Out

    This intervention is designed for students who are in need of positive adult interaction in support of promoting positive behaviors.

    In addition to increased positive adult contact the program includes:

    • Embedded social skills training
    • Direct link to school-wide behavioral goals and expectations
    • Frequent feedback
    • Weekly home-school communication
    • Rewards for meeting behavioral goals


    Check-in/Check-Out Student Daily Activities:

      • Checks in with a CICO staff member etc) in the morning.
      • Carries a point card that is based on school-wide expectations.
      • Receives frequent and regular feedback on his/her behavior from teachers throughout the day.
      • Reviews his/her goals with the CICO staff member
      • Takes his/her point card home for parent signature and positive feedback.
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