• A.R.T.S. Academy

    (Artists Rising to Success)

  • What is it?

          Successfully completing the A.R.T.S. Academy helps prepare students for entering college and entry-level jobs by providing students with design skills and the initial frameworks for producing art.  Students learn what it means to be creative critical thinking collaborators and communicators—what we call the Four “C”s.  In the foundation art courses, students learn and utilize the Elements of Art and Principles of Design, which are the building blocks for creating, critiquing and understanding art.  

          The ROP graphic design capstone courses afford students a venue to apply their knowledge while designing compositions through a twenty-first-century approach.  Our graphic design courses articulate with Riverside Community College (and eventually with San Bernardino Valley College).  Not only are students earning college credit at the high school level, they will be building their employment resume by earning Adobe software certification.  

           During the four-year pathway sequence, students will be exposed to careers and industry possibilities, such as art directors, fine artists (painters, sculptors, illustrators), multimedia artists and animators, graphic designers, commercial and industrial designers, desktop publishers, directors, designers (interior, architectural, clothing, makeup, lighting, etc.), and many more.  Students also practice filling out job applications, writing resumes and cover letters, and attend mock interviews.  Upon graduation, students will have built a diverse portfolio containing traditional drawings, paintings and illustrations, three-dimensional works, and digital graphic art—all ready to be presented with college and job applications.  Our students learn that being an artist is actually being a problem solver; the skills they develop in creating artworks transfers into life skills and a student evolves into an adaptable, reflective, constructive, interpretive, communicative, empathetic, effective, hard-working, and highly original individual.

    A.R.T.S. Brochure

  • Course Sequence




  • Art Careers

    • Fine Art
      • Classical traditions: painter, sculpture, muralist, mosaicist, Bookmaker, printmaker, silkscreener, glassblower, ceramicist
    • Sculpture
      • Modeling, clay, bronze, forging, welder, moldmaking, neon, wood carver
    • Illustration
      • Graphic novelist, comic book artist, storyboarder, concept artist, children’s book Illustrator
    • Photography
    • Graphic Design
    • Advertising
      • Art director, copywriter, creative strategists, branding
    • Industrial Design
      • Physical design industries: cars, furniture, toys, footwear, etc.
    • Architecture
      • Drafter
    • Interior Design
    • Landscape Design
    • Motion Pictures & Television
      • Screenwriter, director, producer, editor, lighting, sound, editing cinematography
    • Production
      • Design, etc.
      • Sets, costumes, makeup
    • Animations & Visual Effects
      • Storyboard artist, visual effects artist, animator (traditional and 3D), 3D modeler
    • Game Development
      • Game designer, game programer, 3D modeler, concept artist, UI/UX designer
    • Music Production & Sound
    • Web Design & New Media
    • Art History
      • Historian, lecturer, museum curator, gallery
    • Art Education
      • Teacher, curriculum writer, arts administrator, art therapy
    • Culinary
      • Cake decorator, chef
    • Visual Development, Visual Media, Multimedia Communications
    • Fashion
    • Jewelry & Metal Arts
    • Visual Merchandising
    • Tattoo artist
    • Florist
    • Woodworker