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  • A message from Superintendent Frank Miranda, Ed.D: 

    Let them know: #CJUSDCares

    The Colton Joint Unified School District is an amazing team of caring, dedicated people. It is one of our great strengths, and something we continue to build on even during the difficult months of 2020 that created physical distance between us and those we serve and forced us to change the paradigm of practically everything we do.

    A couple of years ago, our Student Services team started using the hashtag #CJUSDCares. The more I reflect on CJUSD as a team, a district and a community, the more I understand that this tag is the bedrock of our strength and our identity and something we need to remember to celebrate.

    We have certain guiding principles as a district. We have our four main LCAP goals - Equitable Access for All, Family and Community Engagement, Wellness and Student Achievement. Those represent the key priorities and themes that remain constant over years of work to try to best serve our students. Last March when the pandemic arrived we focused in on four key functions based on what we identified as essential services: distance learning, grab and go meals, continuity of basic district functions and ensuring the maintenance and safety of our school sites. 

    We also know that none of those things are possible unless we continue to take care of ourselves. The same goes for our students. So services and initiatives like our Emotional Support Hotline for students and our Wellness Wednesdays for staff are important examples of how much we mean it when we say #CJUSDCares. So are projects such as the Kindness Bus, the Wellness Centers at some of our schools and the incredible work of our CJUSD Empowerment Team.

    But it goes so much farther than that. In the past year, there have been so many countless examples of great and caring work at every school and in every department. There are truly too many to list. From each individual certificated and classified staff member to our Executive Cabinet and out and back in every direction we have met challenges and found ways to support our students and each other during these truly difficult and completely unexpected challenges. And one thread that weaves its way through all of it is #CJUSDCares. 

    As part of telling our story, I want to encourage each of you to use this hashtag whenever you share about efforts to serve our students, community and each other. Please help me to celebrate how much #CJUSDCares and make sure the whole world knows it.