• Exploratory Work Experience is for students that volunteer.

    Exploratory Work Experience Education is an elective class that combines volunteering with classroom instruction.  Students volunteer during the week outside of school, and also attend a class session once a week at school.  Students will develop:  positive work habits and attitude, self-confidence, job skills, and a personal portfolio which can be used to locate, secure, and retain employment in the community.

    I heard Exploratory Work Experience Education is a variable credit class. How does that work?
    Exploratory Work Experience Education is a variable credit class.  A student can earn up to 5 credits per semester for a total of 20 during their high school tenure.  Students are encouraged to obtain all 5 credits, but can earn less than 5 because of missing classes or not working the required number of hours.  (See Chart: smallest number of classes/hours determine number of credits)


    Who may enroll in Exploratory Work Experience?

    To qualify to enter the Exploratory Work Experience program a student must:

    Be willing to volunteer 5 hours per week minimum
    Be 15  years of age and in grade 10-12
    Meet the school’s minimum day enrollment requirements
    Have recommendation of counselor
    Have approval from the Work Experience teacher
    Have parent/guardian approval
    Have a school approved place to volunteer

    How do I Enroll in Exploratory Work Experience Education?

    To enroll in the Exploratory Work Experience Education program, follow the steps below:

    Let your counselor know you are interested, they will enroll you into the class
    Look for a place to complete your internship / volunteer service
    Start attending your weekly scheduled class session

    How do I earn a grade in Exploratory Work Experience Education?

    Exploratory Work Experience is a PASS / FAIL class.  Student must attend classes, volunteer, and receive  an evaluation from their volunteer supervisor.  Students must complete 70% of the work and attend 60% of the classes to earn a PASS.

    How do I find a place to Volunteer?

    Exploratory Work Experience requires a student to find an approved site to Volunteer.  Students can look for a place near their home.  Some suggestions of places to look include elementary schools, community centers, and libraries.

    Most elementary schools in the Colton Joint Unified School district have an After School Program called Think-Together.  This program is from the time the elementary school gets out until 6 pm.