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  • Teacher: Diane Brown

    Contact Information

         Email: Diane_Brown@cjusd.net
         Phone: (909) 580-5000 ext. 4898 

    Colton High School -
    Classes on Thursdays (Zero & 7th) in Room 570                                     
    Grand Terrace High School -
    Classes on Tuesdays (Zero & 7th) in Room P802               
    Note:  Email Mrs. Brown to ask a question or set up an appointment


  • Teacher: Shiela Bishop

    Contact Information

         Email: Shiela_bishop@cjusd.net
         Phone: (909) 580-5000 ext. 3043 

    Bloomington High School -
    Per 0/7 are held once a week on Wednesdays 
    Class location is Room 103
    Slover Mountain High School 
    Per 7 on Mondays
    Washington High School
    Note:  Email to ask a question, get the Google Classroom code, or set up an appointment