• Frontline Education (Have your UserID and PIN number ready)
     Questions: cjusd-subshr@cjusd.net or 909-580-5000 ext. 6692 or 6693

    User Tips:

    Certificated and Classified Employees:
    User ID = 10 digit phone number

    Ex: if your phone number is 909-580-5000 your User ID will be 9095805000

    PIN: If you have forgotten your PIN please contact your school site secretary.

    Please click HERE to download a printer friendly QuickStart guide.

    All Substitutes:
    Your User ID is your 10 digit phone number (no dashes)

    Please click HERE to download a printer friendly QuickStart guide for Subs. 

    Site Administrators and Secretaries:
    User ID= district email address


    Certificated and Classified Employees:
    1. Create absences
    2. Attach lesson plan documents
    3. Review and print historical information (as of 7/1/2017)
    4. Request vacation and PN time and check for approval
    5. Update email address (Please use District email address ONLY)
    6. Change password

    1. Accept jobs/modify availability
    2. Change call-back number (When modifying call back number please use area code)
    3. Review Assignment instructions, including attached documents if any
    4. Review and print historical job information (as of 7/1/2017)
    5. Update email address
    6. Change password

    Site Administrators & Secretaries:
    1. Create absences and roving assignments
    2. Create various reports and statistical information
    3. Approval of PN and Vacation requests