Tina Petersen Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services  |  Nancy Fierro, Executive Assistant

    Vision:  Graduate ALL students well prepared to succeed.

  • MissionESD provides the students, staff, and community of CJUSD with a comprehensive system of Educational Services that inspires student success. 

    By providing leadership and support for

    • Student access and agency
    • Curriculum design, enhancement, delivery, and assessment
    • Future ready instruction and culturally relevant experiences
    • Meeting the needs of a diverse student population
    • Building capacity to lead, teach, and learn
    • Collaboration with district divisions and school sites
    • Innovative stakeholder partnerships
    • Varied program offerings
  • The Educational Services Division is committed to carrying out the Colton Joint Unified School District’s overall mission by providing our students with engaging, challenging, and specialized programs that will ensure each of them learns the academic knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in college or in the workforce and be responsible productive citizens.

    The Educational Services Division encompasses the Elementary and Secondary curriculum departments, School Improvement and Accountability, which includes staff development and the administration of federally funded programs. It also includes the Language Support Services Department which works specifically with programs for our English Learners and parental involvement. The Educational Services Division is rounded out by the Informational Technology Department which supports the technological systems, computers, and applications that enhance the educational program and also supports the technological needs of the Superintendent’s office and other District divisions.

    With the support of the Superintendent and the Board of Education, the development of the District’s Local Control and Accountability Plan has allowed the Educational Services Division to align our efforts to support students, teachers, site administrators, and classified staff to ensure an engaging, rigorous, and safe learning environment. At the center of our efforts is a focus on literacy, the implementation of the common core standards, the integration of technology into the classroom, and preparing students for the new generation of state assessments.

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    Educational Services Sub-Departments


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