Tina Petersen Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services  |  Nancy Fierro, Executive Assistant

    Vision:  Graduate ALL students well prepared to succeed.

  • Educational Services Division 
    (909) 580-5000 Extension 6531

     Tina Petersen, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services Division
    Nancy Fierro, Executive Assistant 
    Secondary Curriculum Grades 7-12  (909) 580-5000 Extension 6542 
      Eric Mooney, Ed.D.,
    Director of Secondary Curriculum Grades 7-12

      Nancy Fierro, Administrative Assistant 
      Andrea Hochevar, Curriculum Program Specialist
      Rosemary Miller, Curriculum Program Specialist
      Ken Soldmann, Curriculum Program Specialist
      Denise Tschida, Curriculum Program Specialist
      Lauren Tyler, Curriculum Program Specialist
      Kelli VanVelkinburg, Curriculum Program Specialist

    Assessment and Evaluation (909) 580-5000 Extension 6537
      Paul Lucero, Coordinator of Assessment and Data/CTE
      Vacant, Work-Based Learning Technician

    Elementary Curriculum Grades TK-6  (909) 580-5000 Extension 6535
      Syed Hyder, Ed.D., Director of Elementary Curriculum Grades TK-6

      Robin Urquhart, Coordinator of Assessment & Data K-6
      Michelle Ponce, Administrative Assistant 
      Nyree Clark, Curriculum Program Specialist 
      Amy Kowalski Clark, Curriculum Program Specialist  
      Andrea Mooney, Curriculum Program Specialist
      Carrie Northcot, Curriculum Program Specialist


    GATE (909) 580-5000 Extension 6535
      Dr. Syed Hyder, Director

    School Improvement and Accountability (909) 580-5000 Extension 6538
      Joda Murphy, Director of School Improvement and Accountability
      Ron Perez, After-School Education & Safety Manager (ASES)
      Linda Jimenez, Administrative Assistant 

      Nancy Cosio, Secretary
    Language Support Services  (909) 580-5000 Extension 6551

      Wendy Moore, Ph.D., Director of Language Support Services
      Alejandra De La Torre, Parent Engagement Manager 

      Nereyda Guerra, Administrative Assistant 
      Maria Mendez, Translator/Interpreter
    Jeremiah Lack, Curriculum Program Specialist
      Sheila Martinelli, Curriculum Program Specialist 
      Kristy Ward, Curriculum Program Specialist
      Vacant, Language Assessment and Data Specialist
      Luisa Anaya, Language Assessment Specialist
      Maria Perez, Lanugage Assessment Specialist
      Vacant, Language Assessment Specialist
      Herberth Jaco, English Learner Counselor
      Alejandra Monarrez, English Learner Counselor
      Darlene Ochoa, English Learner Counselor

    Information Technology 
    (909) 580-5000 extension 6560 

    Jamal Boyce, Chief Technology Officer
    Steven Nadziejko, Network Services Manager
    Bradley Willson, Information Services Manager
    Monica Mendoza, Administrative Assistant
    Eunice Harris, Database Administrator
    Jessie Daniels, Database Administrator
    Carmen Fernandez, Website Specialist
    Gracie Gutierrez, Information Technology Specialist 
    Francine Jimenez, Information Technology Specialist 
    Dianna Sierra, Data Quality Specialist
    Vacant, Data Quality Specialist
    Vacant, Data Quality Specialist
    Diego Montelongo, Network Systems Analyst

    Bill Schomaker, Network Systems Analyst
    Jorge Torres, Network Systems Analyst
    Esteban Agredano, Technology Support Specialist 
    Brandon Beeson, Lead Technology Support Specialist 
    Robert Calderilla, Technology Support Specialist
    Michael Delgadillo, Technology Support Specialist
    Fernando Duarte, Technology Support Specialist
    David Espinoza, Lead Technology Support Specialist
    Ron Lemos, Lead Technology Support Specialist
    Kevin Mendoza, Technology Support Specialist
    David Nelson, Technology Support Specialist
    Mark Nordling, Lead Technology Support Specialist
    Terry Roma, Technology Support Specialist
    Steve Saucedo, Technology Support Specialist
    Steven Teal, Technology Support Specialist
    Warren Tomei, Technology Support Specialist
    Luis Torres, Technology Support Specialist
    Mia Ryan, Technology Support Specialist