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Frontline Education


Frontline Education


Frontline Education (Have your UserID and PIN number ready)
Questions: or 909-580-5000 ext. 6692


User Tips:

Certificated and Classified Employees:
User ID = your 10 digit phone number
Ex: if your phone number is 909-580-5000 your User ID will be 9095805000            

PIN: If you have forgotten your PIN please contact your school site secretary.

Please click HERE for a printer friendly QuickStart guide.

All Substitutes:
Your User ID is your 10 digit phone number (no dashes)

Please click HERE for a printer friendly QuickStart guide for Subs.

Site Administrators and Secretaries:
User ID= district email address



Certificated and Classified Employees:
1. Create absences
2. Attach lesson plan documents
3. Review and print historical information 
4. Request vacation and PN time and check for approval
5. Update email address (Please use District email address ONLY)
6. Change password

1. Accept jobs/modify availability
2. Change the call-back number (When modifying the call back number please use the area code)
3. Review Assignment instructions, including attached documents if any
4. Review and print historical job information
5. Update email address
6. Change password

Site Administrators & Secretaries:
1. Create absences and roving assignments
2. Create various reports and statistical information
3. Approval of PN and Vacation requests