• The mission of Slover Mountain High School is to graduate high school students who are responsible citizens, critical thinkers, and positive communicators.


    • Slover Mountain High School’s vision is to help our young adults become self-advocates, self-reliant, and strong, emotionally healthy citizens.


    • Respectful, Optimistic, Accountable, Resilient (R.O.A.R.)


  • Schoolwide Learning Outcomes (SLOs) - R.O.A.R.

    R -Cougars are RESPECTFUL in their approach and actions towards teachers, staff, peers, themselves, Slover guests, and property at all times.

    O - Cougars are OPTIMISTIC about the education and extracurricular opportunities they have here at Slover which will help provide them with additional positive opportunities in school, in the workforce, and in the community.

    A - Cougars are ACCOUNTABLE for their own learning and educational success as well as their actions here on campus and out in the community.

    R - Cougars are RESILIENT academically and behaviorally at Slover, allowing them to progress towards credit completion, graduation, and post-secondary endeavors.