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    Attendance is a KEY component to success!!

    Every school day is important at Smith Tech Academy.   Students should be present for the full school day - meaning they are on time and/or do not leave school early.  This year (2022-2023) our school hours have changed to an earlier schedule.  Gates open at 7:00 am every day for breakfast.  Class is from 7:40 - 1:55 for our 1st-6th grade students.  Please give your child enough time to get onto campus, eat a small breakfast and be in line before the 7:40 bell.  Students are late as of 7:41 am.    


    Chronic Absenteeism is defined by California Education Code 60901(c)(1): a student who is absent for ANY reason (qualified or unqualified for at least 10% or more in a school year from the date of enrollment to the current date).  In other words, if your student misses two days a month, they will be flagged as a student with chronic absenteeism.  This triggers a SART (Student Attendance Review Team) meeting with you and the school where we discuss the importance of attendance and set a goal to get your child back on track.  If your child's attendance does not improve within 90 days of the beginning of the school year, the SART agreement is passed onto SARB (Student Attendance Review Board).  SARB meetings are held at the district office.  

    When your child is absent, please verify their absence by calling the school office at 909-580-5033 ext. 8808 or sending a note with your child upon their return to school. Unverified absences will be considered truant. Absences of three or more days will require a doctor's note. If a student is absent nine consecutive days, without a qualified excuse (i.e., illness with doctor's note), they will be dropped on the 10th day. If your student is not in school for at least 3 hours during the day they will be considered absent.

    Please try to schedule any appointments after school hours or when your child is off-track. However, if this is not possible,  please have your child attend as much of the school day as possible. Doctor verification may be required.

    If you have any questions and want to know more about the attendance policy, please call Jeanette (Attendance Technician) at 909-580-5033 x8808 or review the District's Child Welfare and Attendance page.