Eye Chart and Image of an Ear

    CJUSD school nurses screen students' hearing and vision annually per state law (Ed. Code 49455).

    Nurses screen grades Kinder, 2nd, 5th, and 8th.

    11th graders are screened for hearing only.

    The screenings will include tests for visual acuity, including far and near vision. Color vision will be tested once and only in male pupils. 

    Students will also under go vision and hearing screening based on a referral from the classroom teacher and/ or during the assessment for qualification for speical education services.  

    If student is found with an issue during screening a letter of referral is sent home to be shared with health care provider.

    A parent or guardian may opt a student out of the hearing and or vision screenings by submitting a written request to the school of attendance. 


    Healthy children learn better and school nurses make it happen!