• Attendance


    Attendance is a key factor in Student Success at school. The Colton Joint Unified School District and California laws require regular school attendance and punctuality. Students with any combination of absences, tardies or early dismissals totaling 5 or more in one semester will receive a letter informing parents/guardians of the attendance problem. Students absent from school for unqualified reasons are truant, and will be dropped from class on the tenth consecutive day of absence. Excessive absences (5 or more) may result in a School Attendance Review Team (SART) meeting. IF YOUR CHILD MUST BE ABSENT, PLEASE CALL (909) 580-5010 or SEND A NOTE TO EXCUSE THE ABSENCE.

    Please schedule appointments after school hours, or when your child is off-track. If your student must miss school for an appointment, please have your child attend as much of the school day as possible. Doctor verification may be required.