Pupil Personnel Services Department

  • Colton Joint Unified School District provides a full range of services designed to meet the needs of students with disabilities residing within the District. Students range in age from birth to age 22.
    The special education department provides student support at every school site in the District, although some students may need to attend a campus outside of their own neighborhood to access more intensive support. Over 2300 special education students receive services and support through our programs.  Special Education services may include the following types of programming, based on student eligibility and need:

    • Specialized Academic Instruction (in class support, pull out support, special classes)
    • Speech and Language Service
    • Adapted Physical Education
    • DIS Tutoring
    • Workability
    • Itinerant Specialist Support
    • County Operated Classes
    • State Special Schools
    • Non Public Schools

    Students with disabilities are considered for age appropriate classrooms first, then separate classes or pull out services when regular classroom placement is not appropriate. Students are enrolled in programs at, or as close as possible to, their neighborhood schools. All needed services and support are agreed upon by a team that includes the parent, the child's teacher(s), special education professionals, school administrators, and, if appropriate, the student. Students who qualify for special education support have individual education plans (IEPs) that specify performance levels, accommodations and modifications for the classroom, services, and individualized goals. These plans are updated on an annual basis.

    The Colton Joint Unified School District is a member of the East Valley Special Education Local Plan Area (EVSELPA).  As a member district, CJUSD is subject to the policies and procedures agreed upon by the EVSELPA governing board. Information about the EVSELPA can be obtained by contacting:  Patty Metheny, Director, 1040 E. Cooley Drive, Colton, CA. 92324, 909-252-4507.

    Parent Notices:  

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