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Classlink is where students and staff may go to acquire links to all of their CJUSD utilized websites, links, and applications. Classlink centralizes all of the resources that Colton Joint Unified and any specific school offer to our students.

Who has access?

All CJUSD students have access to Classlink!

Where to find it

By clicking on "Let's Go" on any CJUSD homepage, students will find "Classlink" in the dropdown. The link to Classlink is:

What apps are vetted for student use?

Colton Joint Unified has adopted a formalized practice of vetting applications that teachers/staff would like to use with students. Only applications that comply with California Assembly Bill 1584 are approved. To see which applications are approved, please see the CJUSD Ask Before you App Portal. This portal is accessible to all staff and students through their Classlink Launchpad. Parents may also access the site by clicking: 

  • Listed applications that have a red x ( x ) are not approved for student use
  • Listed applications that have a green checkmark ( )  are approved for student use.