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Dual Immersion

Two-Way Language Immersion Program: The Ruth Grimes Two-Way Language Immersion Program merges the most successful aspects of immersion and bilingual education with a strong academic program. Beginning in kindergarten and continuing through the sixth grade, students receive instruction in Spanish. This early emphasis on Spanish instruction benefits both language groups. All students receive increased amounts of English instruction each year. By the fourth grade and continuing through sixth grade, students spend half their day in Spanish instruction and half in English instruction.    Brochure (English) Brochure (Spanish) 

Parent Involvement: We offer monthly parent nights, PTA, School Site Council, English Language Advisory Committee, and a variety of other activities to get parents involved at Grimes.

Academics: To ensure that students are academically successful we implement the RTI process for early intervention.  We use numerous teaching strategies and resources to enable all students access to the curriculum including, GLAD, Direct Instruction, ELD time, and state adopted curriculum.  We have two teachers on assignment to assist teachers and students in providing the best education possible. 

Intensive Instruction: After school Intensive Instruction classes are offered to students that have been identified as at-risk for retention.

Preschool: The school hosts a state preschool program.

Title 1: The school qualifies for additional funds through the Title I program. The funds are spent on instructional supplies, support personnel, books and computers, among other items.