• CJUSD Dual Immersion Program Overview


    The Dual Immersion Language program enhances 21st century skills such as: creativity, cultural awareness, problem solving, innovation, civic engagement, communication and productivity. It integrates native English speakers and native speakers of another language (Spanish). Instruction is provided to both groups of students in both languages.

    The objectives of Dual Immersion include: 

    1. Providing students with an educational environment that supports their development of the four communicative competencies: speaking, listening, reading and writing in their primary language; 

    2. Supporting students in their development of said competencies in a second language. Students have the opportunity to maintain their primary language as they develop oral and written skills in a second language; 

    3. Supporting students to reach or surpass grade level proficiency levels;

    4. Providing students with an environment that supports students in their development of cross-cultural competencies necessary in a globalized society.