• CJUSD Dual Immersion Program Overview


    The Dual Immersion Language program enhances 21st century traits: creativity and innovation, collaboration and communication, critical thinking and problem solving, global citizenship, etc. It integrates native English speakers and native speakers of another language (Spanish). Instruction is provided for both groups of students in both languages.

    The objectives of Dual Immersion include: 

    • Developing high levels of speaking, listening, reading and writing proficiency in primary language

    • Developing said competencies in a second language.

    • Achieving or surpassing grade-level academic proficiency 

    • Developing cross-cultural competencies necessary in a globalized society

    We emphasize that in order to reap the linguistic advantages that Dual Immersion offers, the student remains in Dual Immersion during their Tk/K - 6th  educational career.  

    Additionally, here at CJUSD, the Dual Immersion journey continues for our students as they transition into 7th and 8th grades with some of their classes in Spanish.  


    RECORDING: Dual Immersion Informative meeting 02.07.23