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    Welcome to Bloomington High School. By making your child's school attendance a priority, you will be setting a good example and taking an important step in supporting your child's school success. If your child is absent, please verify their absence by calling the school office at (909) 580-5004, please leave a message for the Attendance Technicians. Unverified absences are considered truancies. Absences of three or more days require a doctor's note. The District will send out automatic calls to families of students who were not present that day.  Please call or email to clear your students attendance.   



    TYPES OF ABSENCES There are four categories of absences recognized by the CJUSD, in accordance with California Education Code 48200.

    • Qualified absences: Due to illness, doctor/dentist appointments, family funeral or court appearance of the student. The State of California allows one (1) day excused for an in-state funeral and three (3) days for out-of-state funerals.
    • Unqualified absences: Excused by parents for reasons other than recognized in Qualified Absences, including family emergencies.
    • Truancies/Unverified absences: Absences not authorized by parent/guardian, not notified within 72 hours and not authorized by school personnel.
    • Suspensions: Absences mandated by school officials for disciplinary reasons. In addition, some absence codes note that a student was not in class, but was in the office or on a school activity



    Please help us by getting your children to school daily, on time and to stay for the duration of the day.  Please try to schedule any appointments after school hours or when your child is on a non-school day. When your child is absent, the parent/guardian must call, email, or send a note to the attendance office within 72 Hours to inform the school of the absence. The note or email must include:

    • Student name
    • Grade
    • ID number
    • Reason for the absence

    After 72 hours the absence is considered a truancy/unverified absence for each period missed. 




    • Parents must come into the office to release their students. Students will not be released by parent via email or parent via phone call. 
    • Physical Picture ID is required when picking up a student. Students will not be released without identification.
    • Students can only be released to Primary Contacts. Parents/Guardians can call the school in advance to give permission to release their student to a listed emergency contact. The emergency contacts are for the schools convenience in the event of an emergency where we are unable to get in contact with the parent/guardian. 
    • Eighteen year olds have the right to sign in/out of school and clear their absences on their own. 



    Awards are distributed each semester to those students with Perfect Attendance. Students must be continuously enrolled since Day 1 of the semester and present and on-time for all periods each day in the semester. Any absence (including illness, court, funeral, etc.) will disqualify a student for the Perfect Attendance Award.



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