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Construction Alert: Important Resource conservation at work!


Construction Alert: Important Resource conservation at work!

That construction you might see at our school over June and July is an important project to protect our environment and conserve resources. The project includes installing water lines to provide recycled water for our landscaping.

The project is in cooperation with The Inland Empire Utilities Agency, which is providing $38,000 toward the installation project at both D’Arcy and Jurupa vista, as well as reduced rates on the recycled water we will use. These are completely separate from our drinking water lines and will allow us to help conserve and sustain the local water supply for the future.

This is one of many ways CJUSD tries to protect the environment. Others in recent years include more landscaping using drought tolerant plants, smart irrigation and artificial turf, more energy-efficient LED lighting throughout the district and special batteries at some schools to provide supplemental energy at peak times.

Did you know?

Recycled water supply is not directly impacted by drought. So using it can help us lessen future water shortages. For more information on recycled water and answers to frequently asked questions, visit