• Which sites will offer Dual Immersion in the fall of 2024?

    Birney Elementary, Grand Terrace Elementary, Ruth Grimes Elementary and Walter Zimmerman Elementary will offer Dual Immersion this fall. 


    Click here to view the implementation progression of the Dual Immersion program at our Dual Immersion elementary sites.    


    Am I able to enroll my child in Dual Immersion if our home school is not Birney, Grand Terrace, Grimes or Zimmerman?

    Any Transitional Kinder or Kindergarten student may apply for the Dual Immersion program at one of the elementary schools where we offer it through the submission of an Intra district transfer.


    I applied for the Dual Immersion program for my child but have not heard if they were accepted. By when should I know? 

    If you applied for the transfer within the application window of 01-16-2024 through 03-01-2024, you may receive a response by mail in mid-May. If you have not received a response by the beginning of June or if your application was submitted after the transfer window, please contact student services (909-580-6525) for an update. 


    Does the Dual Immersion program stop at 6th grade?

    No, incoming Dual Immersion students in grades 7th and 8th take some of their classes in Spanish at Joe Baca Middle School. 

    If neither Birney, Grand Terrace, Grimes or Zimmerman is my child’s home school but my child is in the Dual Immersion program will CJUSD provide transportation?

    No, Dual Immersion families with a transfer in place are responsible for the transportation of their child to and from school.


    What is the difference between Dual Immersion at Birney Elementary, Grand Terrace Elementary, Grimes Elementary and Zimmerman Elementary?

    There is no difference in the program offered at the three schools. The program at Dual Immersion schools follows the same curriculum and adheres to the same academic standards. 


    If I’ve already enrolled my child in my home school in CJUSD can I also apply to get them into the Dual Immersion program?

    Yes, in fact, that is the proper way to go about enrolling your child in Dual Immersion. First, enroll them in your home school and then apply for an Intra district transfer to get into the Dual Immersion program.


    Can my child enter the Dual Immersion program at any grade?

    No, students may only enroll for Dual Immersion in Transitional kindergarten/Kindergarten or during the first semester of their first grade.

    *Students new to CJUSD and coming from a Dual Immersion program outside of CJUSD may request admission at any DI offered grade level.  



    Do incoming Dual Immersion children with current Dual Immersion siblings automatically secure a spot in the program when they start Transitional Kindergarten/Kindergarten?

    No.  Enrollment is based on space availability. Please enroll your TK/Kinder child as soon as priority enrollment opens (02.20.2024) for the best space availability.


    Will receiving instruction primarily in Spanish in grades TK/K-3  inhibit my child’s academic performance?

    No, in fact research shows that students who remain in a dual language program through 6th grade tend to outperform their monolingual peers.


    If my child is a CJUSD student, when should I apply for a transfer from my home school to one of the DI schools?

    Transfers should be submitted during the transfer window of January 16, 2024 to March 1, 2024.


    Do I need to apply for a transfer every year after my child is accepted into a Dual Immersion school? 

    No. Once your child is transferred to a Dual Immersion school, their transfer status remains valid* for the duration of their current grade span. If the student is in: 

    • elementary from TK-K to 6th grade 

    • middle school from 7th - 8th grade. 


    *Unless revoked by Student Services based on their Intra district transfer stipulations.  


    In order to continue in the program, sixth grade Dual Immersion students on a transfer will need an approved transfer for their middle school years following the advertised transfer dates. 

    If my child is a CJUSD student, can I apply for a transfer even after the window closes on March 1, 2024?

    Yes, however, families making transfer requests after March 1st. may have to wait longer to receive a response regarding their transfer status. 


    If my child is NOT a CJUSD student, when should I apply for a transfer to one of the DI schools in CJUSD?

    Please reach out to your home district to determine their transfer dates. Although they vary from district to district, transfer windows happen during the same season. Your home district will work with our Student Services department to coordinate the transfer. 

    If my child is NOT a CJUSD student, can I apply for a transfer even after the window closes on March 1, 2024?

    Yes, however, transfer requests made after March 1st will be considered at a different enrollment time, which may cause a delay in the receipt of your transfer status letter.


    What happens if I apply but there are no more spaces available?

    If the number of applicants exceeds the space available, Student Services will conduct a lottery process based on California Ed Code.



    Does my child need any preparation before they start the program?

    No special preparation is necessary for a child to enroll in Dual Immersion. 


    Will my child be confused between the two languages?

    No, children learn and adapt to their teacher speaking in Spanish and in  English.