• Michael D'Arcy

    Michael D'Arcy

    Michael D'Arcy Elementary School is named after Lance Corporal Michael Chavez D'Arcy, United States Marine Corps, who gave his life in service of his country. While on a combat patrol in Quang Nam Province, Viet Nam on May 15, 1966, Lance Corporal Michael D'Arcy died from sustained wounds. He served as a radio operator with the Third Battalion, Ninth Marine Regiment, Third Marine Division. He attended Colton High School, but joined the Marines prior to his graduation. In April 2010, he received his High School diploma posthumously from the Colton Joint Unified School District School Board in honor of his sacrifice. He was the first of twelve Colton residents who did not return from the battlefields of Viet Nam. The school's staff, faculty, parents, community, and students honor his service and sacrifice on a daily basis. His strength of character, patriotism, and selfless service serve as an inspiration to the school and the surrounding community.










  • Vision
    Michael D'Arcy Elementary School envisions to be a model of successful learning, effective teaching, and resiliency.


    Michael D'Arcy Elementary School is dedicated to the philosophy that all students have the right to acheive the highest possible competence in basic skills, develop creative abilities, and grow in citizenship, health and moral values.  Further, we desire that all students build desirable attitudes and loyalties towards school, community and country and assume increasing responsibility for personal behavior.  We hope that all of our students will learn the values of teamwork, cooperation and social competence and that each one will develop patriotism and an awareness of the ideals upon which our nation was founded.