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  • Independent Study is an alternative instructional strategy, but it is not an alternative curriculum. Students work independently, according to a written agreement and under the general supervision of a credentialed teacher. While students follow the district-adopted curriculum and meet the district high school graduation requirements, independent study offers flexibility to meet individual student needs, interests, and learning styles. Generally, success in independent study requires motivation and a commitment on the part of the student and parent/guardian. Independent study can be a great option for some students; however, it may not be the right option for every student who is not thriving at a traditional school. 

    Teaching Staff

    Teacher/Counselor Program Extension E-mail
    David Johnson - Teacher Independent Study 580-5813 david_johnson@cjusd.net
    Bert Labios - Teacher Independent Study 580-5806 bert_labios@cjusd.net
    Jesus Gonzalez - Counselor Independent Study 580-5822 josej_gonzalez@cjusd.net


    • Students: grade 9-12 & 5th year seniors
    • CAHSEE prep: for students who have completed their credits, but have not passed one or both sections of the CAHSEE (Must pass CAHSEE within 2 years of completing credits)
    • Concurrent Enrollment: BHS, CHS, & GTHS students can attend Washington Independent Study after their regular school day in order to make up credits
    • Student can attend Washington Independent until the age of 21 as long as they have been continuously enrolled since their 18th birthday


    • Students meet with their teacher at least one time per week for minimum of two hours.  During this meeting, they consult about their work, take tests, watch videos, do in-class projects, receive grades, and make plans for the coming week
    • Students complete at least 20 hours of school work at home each week
    • Students must have satisfactory attendance and regularly complete homework in order to remain in the program.  Two missed appointments result in removal from the program and referral back to home school.
    • The Independent Study program is WASC accredited
    • Courses are A-G approved for 4 year colleges      
    • 2 different sites: Colton & Bloomington 
      • Washington. HS, Colton (900 East C Street, Colton 92324 near Mt. Vernon) 
      • I.D. Perry Building (next to Slover Mountain HS, formally BMS) 10435 Cedar Ave., Bloomington, 92316   (corner of Cedar and Orange)
    • No transportation is provided; however, a student can ride the Washington School buses to the Colton site  
    • Open enrollment
    • Students can participate in Extra Curricular activities thoughout the year
    • Career Counselor available for mock interview, help filling out college applications, FAFSA, Scholarship applications, job applications, field trips to local colleges, etc
    • 200 credits are required to graduate from Independent Study (220 credits at the comprehensive high schools)
    • Graduation Ceremony at the end of each school year
    • Personalized, individualized program (one-on-one) with a credentialed teacher
    • Tutoring available
    • Computer Lab available
    • Use District approved text books
    • OdysseyWare available to take some courses online
    • Watch curriculum related videos
    • Curriculum follows Common Core Standards
    • Breakfast/lunch available at Colton site

    How to attend:

    • See your counselor; referral is made from your current school

    For more information:  Contact Sue Centanni (Register/Records) at (909) 580-5801