National Demonstration School


    Based on our recent visit, as well as on the certification and application process, we are pleased to welcome Ruth O. Harris Middle School as a continuing AVID National Demonstration School. 

    Notes from leadership meeting and progress on specific recommendations:

    "The Ruth O. Harris Bulldogs are ALL in for AVID", declared AVID Coordinator Raquel Castellanos. At Ruth O. Harris Middle School, AVID is the cornerstone of their college readiness system evidenced by high expectations for all students, significant increases in the past three years for both the CST and API scores, and a commitment to ongoing staff professional learning. Collaboration, the sharing of best practices, and clarity to their mission of schoolwide college readiness are foundations to the development and maintenance of their college readiness culture. Superintendent Jerry Almendarez and Principal Sandy Torres both indicated that the "AVID way is the best way", and plans are in place to maintain and expand AVID's College Readiness System schoolwide and districtwide. The student achievement schoolwide results are a testament to the school's commitment to college readiness for all students.


    • Colton Joint Unified School District's Board of Education and district leadership continue to demonstrate a high level of financial support and commitment to the AVID College Readiness System including funding for AVID tutors and AVID staffing.
    • The commitment by the site to support AVID implementation schoolwide is exemplary. For example, the AVID elective classes are given first priority in the master schedule so that AVID students can be placed in rigorous courses and tutor schedules are accommodated. There is also a high priority given in the schedule to secure common preparation periods for AVID and core teachers to enhance planning and collaboration.
    • As a result of nearly 98% of staff having been involved in AVID professional learning, WICOR is implemented schoolwide and WICOR Walkthroughs have provided targeted on-going professional learning and reflection.